Mary Cassatt Class Today

Today, three young artists learned about the life and art of the American Impressionist, Mary Cassatt in our class “The Impressionists.” We did a study of her painting, “Two Children At The Seashore,” painted in 1884. Everyone did very well with their proportions and compositions, and learned how to layer soft pastels to make new colors, just like Mary did!

Valentine’s Day Date Nights

We had a great first Valentine’s Day Date Event last Saturday! We sold out all the spots, and nine couples joined us to learn how to throw pots on the wheel while having lots of laughs. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed cheesecake, chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling cider. We had a blast, and started a new tradition here at Creava Arts! Thanks to all who came and made it such a nice event!

Hue worked with everyone to help them throw their pots

Hue worked with everyone to help them throw their pots

In Our Fifth Week Already!

We’re in our fifth week of classes, and we are enjoying teaching all our new students we have met. We have six wheel thrown pottery classes, including one just for homeschoolers. Children make up the majority of the students in our drawing and painting classes, which is a nice surprise! We are continuing to make efforts to bring more homeschooled students to Creava Arts.
We recently sponsored a scholarship award in the Waverly House 2015 UnSchool Art Exhibit and we were proud to present it to a young artist, 7-year-old Essa S. We look forward to seeing her start a series of classes with us soon.

Giggles Galore!

The 2-D Art Studio was full of fun and giggles tonight with three young artists painting textures in their landscapes!

You’re Invited to our Grand Opening!

As you can see in the photo taken this evening, we are still hard at work on our new facility, but everything is coming
together quickly and classes are filling!

We invite you to be a part of Creava Arts’ Grand Opening
Monday January 5 • 4-7 pm   1667 St. Louis Street • Springfield, MO

Come enjoy refreshments and tour Creava Arts’ studios and gallery space, as well as talk with us about your passion for the arts. Friends and family who support us in our new business venture are so very important to us, and we truly hope to see you next week!

We’re Almost Open!

All the walls and trim are painted, the pottery wheels, clay, tools and supplies have arrived, and all our fixtures are in place. This photo was taken the day our sign went up on our window, and the rest of our signage will be up in a week. All that remains to be completed is the building of tables and cabinetry, and the installation of our two electric kilns. We’ll be putting the final touches on our school before opening our doors for classes January 6!


Our Sign’s Up!

Last week, our logo sign was installed on our front windows, plus we prepped the walls for painting. Most of them will remain white, but one will be a warm “butterscotch” for a pop of color as you come in the front door. On Tuesday, we’ll get our first shipment of clay, pottery tools…and four brand new pottery wheels to add to the three we already have. After we complete our painting, we will build shelving and cabinets. We have plenty to do in the next five weeks!

Renovations Have Begun

We are beginning to renovate our new space at 1667 St.Louis Street in Springfield! The floors will be cleaned and painted, and a few minor repairs made before we start setting up our space to get ready for classes to begin January 6. Watch for photos of our progress!

We are gearing up to open Creava Arts!

We are ready to place order for our first six Pacifica potter’s wheels from Krueger Pottery in St. Louis! Ryan Clyde-Rich has been a great resource for helping us get everything we need to get the door open quickly!