Here are a few testimonials from former and current students and parents:

“Creava has been a fun learning environment. I have had no previous experience with creating art but wanted to give it a try. Marla has been the best. She is encouraging and gives great, easy to follow instructions. My family has been so impressed with my work. Love my classes and can’t wait to start my next project. No matter your still level you will feel right at home and have a great time. Marla and Hue are not only talented artists and instructors but wonderful people. I enjoy every class and I have learned so much. Can’t wait for my next class!”
Debbie S.

“Thank you so much. Paul and I reflect often about how good you are with our girls. They are very proud when they talk about how you are such a great teacher!”
Christine M.

“As a health care professional, my days can be quite intense. I have found the perfect outlet! My weekly pottery classes are so enjoyable. I am learning an art form that I hope to continue into my retirement. Hue is very patient and encouraging in his teaching methods as he shares his years of experience. I would encourage all to come, relax, have some fun and learn from a master potter!”
Lori M.

“My teenager has been taking pottery lessons from Hue for almost a year and he loves it.  Hue is a caring and loving teacher that challenges my son (who frustrates easily) to work harder and to stay with it.  The pieces he completes and brings home are beautiful and my son loves to compare his early work to his latest pointing out new techniques he has learned.  I would recommend Creava School to anyone interested in art lessons.”
Mandi F.

My husband and I came for Date Night pottery and were not really sure what to expect as this was completely new to both of us. We ended up having an amazing time and had so much fun while we were there. The class size was small which was a bonus – only 5 of us – and Hue and Marla were both incredible teachers. We cannot wait to come back! Thanks!!!”
Sunnie B.

“Creava has been a wonderful experience for our kids. Miss Marla is so creative and brings out the absolute best in everyone. We have been so impressed with every project. All so unique and creative. We could not recommend any higher! 10 Stars!! Thank you Creava!”
Brynley E.

“I had so much fun at my first pottery class! I can’t wait to come back and learn more. A well organized studio that was kept surprisingly clean and a teacher who explains so well that I made a bowl on my first day there! I’m hooked!”
Jenny P.

“My son is 12 and does the pottery class and loves it! Great teacher!”
Kristie C.

“I learned SO MUCH at Creava!  I had college ceramics classes but I couldn’t throw anything that was more than 4″ tall/ weighed less than 5 lbs. or that could with any confidence be classified as a plate, bowl or cylinder.  After having a session of classes with Hue I can sit down and throw any of them I want!!  Hue is a wonderfully patient teacher!  I had such a fun time I am planning to take another class as soon as my schedule allows!”
Riann L.

“Hue and Marla are wonderful!   I highly recommend Creava.  My 14 yr old takes the wheel thrown pottery classes here and loves it.  Great people and encouraging environment.  I’ve been very impressed at the quality of the work they help their students achieve.  Even the work that young kids do in the handbuilding with clay class is amazing.  This is not your typical roll the clay like a snake and wind it around into a bowl class.  They make amazing projects!  Hue teaches the wheel thrown pottery classes in the back part of the space and Marla teaches the clay handbuilding and drawing and painting classes in the front area.  Both are very talented artists and are great with people of all ages.  You can’t go wrong with Creava.”
Chris H.

“My daughter was one of the studios’ first students. She loves it there and she has learned so much being in the various classes they have offered. I highly recommend Creava Art Studio. Whether it be a child or an adult looking to take a class, they offer such a variety of things to learn there is something for all ages and abilities. From painting, pottery, drawing you name it they are a very talented couple and the sweetest people at that. I’m so glad they are able to foster my daughter’s creativity.”
Sasha R.

“It was sim­ply by chance that I found Par­nell Stu­dios giv­ing lessons in pot­tery. Now after my course I know it was the chance of a life­time. Hue took the time to really teach me how to work with clay. From begin­ning to end, he guided me through the process. And, he didn’t allow for short­cuts so I could truly learn what I came for.”
Cameron T.

“What I really like about tak­ing lessons with Hue Par­nell is that he takes the time to show me what I need to learn, and he doesn’t move on to the next skill until I’ve mas­tered each step. This is so much bet­ter than to be in a 3-hour class where you’re likely to only to get the teacher’s full atten­tion for 10 min­utes.”
Jackie V.

“Marla, my wife and I thank you. Through your pri­vate instruc­tion and excep­tional exper­tise, Rylie has taken her art skills to a much higher level. Clearly she has devel­oped a strong skill set across mul­ti­ple medi­ums, espe­cially in pas­tels. We rec­og­nize your men­tor­ship and life instruc­tion. You have enhanced our daughter’s love for art and we appre­ci­ate your direc­tion.”
Roger J.

“Hue is a really nice teacher who puts things in sim­ple terms so I can under­stand.”
Darby K. 12-years-old

I loved the service! Totally. Yes, I will continue to recommend your service. The girls and I enjoyed the experience very much and plan to take more classes together. Best teacher!!”
Elizabeth C.

“I can’t say enough good things about Marla and Hue! It’s easy to take art classes, but hard to come across not just talented artists, but exceptionally good teachers as well! Marla is responsible for introducing me to pastels in her “Pet Portrait” workshop, and now I’m hooked!!! I can’t thank you enough to for your patient, kind and encouraging guidance not so long ago. You inspired me to keep going, and I have! Good luck inspiring others at Creava!”
Suzi A.